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Bridal Services

Bridal Trials

 $150 Hair / $150 Makeup 

Recommended 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding day. 

These services give us the opportunity to get acquainted with each other and ensure we are focused on your vision. 

Bridal Day of

$150 Hair / $150 Makeup

Day of includes 2.5 hours for Bridal Hair and Makeup services. 

Bridal Attendants

Flower Girls
10 & under

$95 Hair / $95 Makeup /
$65 Eyes only

30-45 minutes are included for attendants scheduled with the bride.

$65 Hair

This 30 minute service includes lip gloss! 

Bridal Hair Additions

Bridal Makeup Additions

Any Additional Service

$55 Hair extensions

(not provided)

$45 - $65 Blowout 

$100 hourly - If additional time is needed 

Any Additional Service

$45 Lash enhancements 

Provided by Salon

$35 Lash enhancements

Provided by Attendant

$100 hourly if additional time is needed

Bridal Services: Services
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